The Website, Mind-Mappers, Quake on Drugs, Rusty Skins, The Future, and The Longest And Worst Title Ever

It has been a while since my last post. Almost a full month now, I have a hard time frequently updating the site, every time I do, I just want to add more things, make ugly things pretty, it usually takes a full day, and then some fixes on the next one. We have so many places to go things are starting to get confusing. So maybe I will start with the website just to clear some things up.

Website Updates

The new Nav Bar was a nice little addition, with our every growing pathways to different Posts, Pages and uhh, Poop, the old little crappy button system just wasn't going to do the job. So the first new thing you might have noticed is the "Our Recommendations" page. If you are thinking its just a bunch of links to Affiliate links so I can make a little moola, you're only have wrong, or right. Glass half full half empty kind of scenario. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

Our Recommendations Page has 4 different categories, first being Educational, "But Little Rain I just got home from school!" Hey! Its some cool stuff! Ever wanted to learn how to do Multithreading in Unity? "Quill18Creates" will show you, and I will direct you too him. There is also some really cool videos from "Makin' Stuff Look Good In Video Games" who goes into some really neat things with shaders. There is nothing new there from last month, but any day now when I get time to post my findings, there will be, soon, very soon, I promise. Anyways, I think I mentioned this last update, so here's some info on the new stuff. 

Then we have our Assets and Tools page, that's where I have all my money grabbing deceiving Ads, to swindle you and suck your wallet dry while I make pennies on the dollar. Not. Really. If you are a budding Game Developer using Unity (Or other engines in some cases), all the assets that I post can be enormously helpful to you(I do want to help you succeed), especially when your a small team, or on your own. All the assets I post, I use my self, and they a lot of the top assets from the asset store. I won't just post any asset, only the top of my collection. I don't want the slightest chance of putting you in the wrong direction. There is also Software I use, like Substance designer, Photoshop, 3ds max will be there soon, along with another really cool program I just found out about from Autodesk, and the latest and greatest which I just posted a couple days ago. 


Xmind, a FREE Mind Mapping Program that I would be completely, absolutely, totally, undoubtedly, lost, and probably unable to find clean underwear. Free version is absolutely amazing and features the cloud, so you can make or edit on mobile, and sync it back and forth from your PC. So many good features that make mapping your projects out, easy and efficient. If you want to learn more click that link. Next up is the Entertainment tab, its basically just videos that I find well made, and entertaining, good stuff!

Quake on Drugs

Expand your mind duuuude! Or at least your view, on the Software and Products tab. Until yesterday it laid there empty, but I just found this cool program this guy is working on called "Blinky." I haven't actually tried it yet, but the YouTube video says enough for itself, and the fact its only for Quake 1 at the moment makes it a little tricky(He does want to expand to modern engines), even though I did leave a Download for quake there. This Blinky, it basically allows you to use FOV's higher then 120° while not stretching and distorting your screen. You can even play at 360° very reasonably. Its all open sourced on GitHub, the link is here. The link to Quake is also on the GitHub. 

Rusty Skins

Now if you have been following the Snail Trail (No Cum intended) of Updates, you probably know that I like Rust. Not like Salad Fingers, but the game Rust. In their recent updates they have upgraded their Workshop, and have been adding Custom Skins to the game seemingly every week. So yesterday I decided to try it out and had a gay old time. Literally gay, cause you get to see your players Cock n' Balls as you play with the Material and export the model to skin down. I was actually pretty impressed with the penile detail, they really have an attention to detail, except in the textures them selves, I got my new set of Textures looking so nice and pretty, and then when I imported it into game I realized the resolution of the texture was literally the same as Halo Combat Evolved, a game made in 2001. So my pretty texture is now not as pretty. Now's the time for a dick joke but I can't think of one. Anyways, if you are wondering why I am mentioning something that has seemingly nothing to do with Little Rain Games, I will explain, right now. We have another new addition to the website, the Rust Workshop Skins page, found under the Products Tab. Its not just a place to buy skins, because I actually don't have any approved yet, which it might be a while because I made the first upload today, which then needs to go through a lengthy approval process. But no it is a place to help me get them approved, with links to my steam workshop, and also a place to Request Skins for yourself. If you are in a Clan, or want a cool Skin with your name on it, we can do that for a small fee, first one you get $5 off (Some are only $5, so its FREE!)! You can check out one of the Skins in sketchfab, right here.Don't leave! We still have to talk about the future!

The Future...

Now time for the future, of the Website. I'm sorry, just one last thing. Another new section is nigh, and its going to be a Dev Blog, "But LittleRain, you guys already have the News Page!" Very my friends but the current news is for General Updates on the website, our projects, and stuff like that, the Dev blog will be strictly Game Development related, where I go into detail about what I'm currently working on, how I did everything, and the problems I encountered. Hopefully its not a complete failure. The idea of doing some video logs for the blog literally just popped into my head, so maybe you will see a few of those. But to be honest, I hate editing video, its the Devils work, so it will mostly be written. Also for the website (I almost forgot), we are going to start having Account Systems for you guys to comment, and also for the store once I get it open. I still don't know whether to use an external store plugin in a sub-directiory, it would kind of be like the forums before I took them down. They are still up, just no link to them, and no one at all. My other option is using Concrete to build the store(That's what the site is built with), which there is pros and cons to both, so for now I'll just forget about it, and when the time comes I'll weigh that shit up and slap a price tag on something.

...Is Now.

Really, it is. I'll also hint at what's coming in the near future.Now first I need to announce, that the Little Big PBR Pack is cancelled, but that's a good thing, and here's why. Instead of just a PBR Pack, I will be releasing a Huge Pack, with Modular Environments, Editor Tools, and a shit ton of Procedural Substances, that are customizable to the fucking extreme. I really think I've outdone myself on this one, this actually started out as the Little Big PBR Pack, and just got bigger, and bigger and bigger, and it hasn't actually stopped getting bigger yet. I'm aiming for Highly Detailed, Highly Customizable, and Highly Qualitied, did you know Qualitied is a word? I didn't. But yeah, in every department, models, Substances, Editor Tools, and the really great thing about this Pack is that no matter how many people that have it, even if they all put it in their own big release, there is still a very good chance that every asset will be largely different from each others project, its just that customizable.The full pack is still a while from release, I still have Editor Tools I haven't even started yet, and a bunch of Models and textures to make, but I will be releasing a couple of the Tools very soon. Hopefully by the middle of next month. I keep squashing bugs, then when I'm laying in bed, I get a great idea, so I get my phone, open Xmind and plop my ideas in there so I don't forget. Every time I add one new thing I get 10 new bugs. It could still be released by the end of this month, but I don't want to give myself, and give you guys accurate info on when it will be released. I'll get a video of it in action soon, I just need to do a few things, to show you guys the true power of these tools, I'm really surprised I haven't seen a tool that's done this before.Speaking of videos, I haven't had the time to make any Tutorials lately, I actually did record one, edited about half of it, but then through it out because I didn't record myself while I was working. Now sometimes recording while I work is good, but most of the time I lose track of what I'm talking about, I just don't multi-task in that manner very well at all. If you are wondering what the tutorial was about, it was an extensive 3 Part series on creating high quality, production ready assets. It started in 3ds max, and covered a fucking lot of shit. It covered box modeling, spline modeling, bool modeling, UVW unwrapping, creating LOD's, creating collision models, creating variations in zBrush, and then bringing the model into Substance Painter, building your Maps, then creating masks, and finally finishing it off in Substance Designer. What your left with is a Fully Procedural AAA Asset, that is highly customizable in many ways. Normally Substances are used for tiled maps, so this went very in-depth on how to full put them to use on a skinned mesh.I also forgot a few things in my Procedural Tile Tutorial that I wanted to clear up, plus I also learned some neat tricks as well. I had planned to cover them in that series, but it would have taken way to long to edit, don't worry I'm going to make another one, I'll just need to record audio while I work this time.I can't remember if I mentioned this in the last update, but some of the other tutorials I have planned are setting up IK in 3ds max for animating, First Person Animations in 3ds max, changing your myBB Forum Colors, creating highly destructible assets, creating Rope/Chain, and its not gunna be a crappy Rope/Chain tutorial like the others on YouTube, its going to make the chain and rope look and move realistically as well. I might also do a rope bridge, kind of like the ones in Zelda: Wind Waker, or something that relies on the rope to function.I also really want to finish the Motion Capture series, so I will be getting a second Kinect, hopefully by next month and then I can show you guys what its like using 2 Kinects for motion capture. I probably will be using iPi again, but maybe I will try Brekel with Motion Builder, if I can afford it of course. But that's not only thing getting in the way, I'm not sure if Brekel Supports Multiple Kinects yet, so it might have to wait a bit.

Finally, The End...

Well this has been a brutally long Update, you can probably tell how my writing skills have depleted and lazified at the end here. I will make a plan to Update every Friday from now on, should be less to read in such a short amount of time. If you made it to the end, I salute you and your amazing patience my friend. Addios!