Variation Pro-Tools Update #1

Well its a week away to the release of my tool pack, and I must say things are getting pretty darn tight. I had totally spaced the idea of an example scene, so for the last couple weeks I've just been working on that. There is still a few bugs I need to fix, and a few features I would like to add, but I might need to skip out on the asset store for another week. There is a little bit of time for the asset to be approved, so it might just work out. If your wondering how much this is going to cost, its going to be a flat 20 bucks, just to start out for the first few months, and gives time to my loyal followers to snatch it for a deal. Once the tool gets a little more developed and optimized its going to climb to 40 dollars, which I think is pretty fair. There has been a lot of work put into this, and I plan to add a ton more features to make it hopefully irresistible.

The picture above is part of the example scene, as you can guess its a bathroom with some shit tickets laying on the floor, as well as 2 variations of the urinals in the back. So far most of the assets are just models and textures, but by the time of release every asset will be textures with substances to add even more customizability to the lot. Outside of the bathroom is the waiting room of a train station, I'm not quite ready to show it yet, but I do have a picture of the bathroom, which still needs some polish, but some times I wonder if an example scene needs polish, and then I realize of course it does. The wall and floor texture in the picture above can actually be downloaded right now, its the Tile Substance I made in my substance designer tutorial. I'm still going to make a bunch of structural substances, because I can't be selling some of the ones I'm currently using, even though allegorithmic has said somewhere that its ok to do so, as long as its not the main selling point of the asset pack.

Speaking of tutorials, as soon as I get this pack out, I'm going to be working on a few tutorials to get out ASAP. I've stated upcoming tutorials in some of the last posts, so I'll tell you about a new one I have planned. While working on the asset pack, I was working on variations of the bathroom mirror, and I thought it would be cool to be able to destroy the mirror as you shoot it or something along the same lines, so I wrote up a little script to do exactly that. Here is a quick gif, just note that the particle affect is just a placeholder for what's possible.

So what you are seeing here is every time I hold the left mouse button down, it sends a ray cast out. If the ray cast hits the mirror, it will check which face it hit, then if the face is in the sub mesh which is controlled by the reflective material, and it will switch the sub mesh to be that of the non reflective one. And of course it also spawns a particle system and plays a smashing noise, its actually really easy to do, and my first time ever trying to affect a mesh directly in code. 

Anyways, now a couple pictures that I promised.

Walking Into The Bathroom. WIP

Uncropped version of the header.