Small Delay For VPT

Well today is the day I'm supposed to be releasing the Variation Pro-Tools asset pack, but I unfortunately ran into one little problem. While I must admit, even if that problem didn't arise, it would probably still be coming out tomorrow or the next day, but lets just say I had a small misunderstanding for the legality around using Substances I got from Substance Source.

For some reason I remember reading that you can use their Substances in asset packs, as long as they aren't the main feature of that said pack. Well I just wanted to double check that and I found a few different posts over on the allegorithmic forums. Some saying that as long as you edit them, and others saying you could literally just repackage them maybe with an extra node or 2, or somewhere along the lines of an extra input parameter. Well I really don't want to risk anything so I've decided I'm going to remake all the ones I've been using. This may take up to a week to complete, but I also need a day or 2 to just clean up the code a little bit.

Trainstation WIP

So long story short, I will need at the very least 5 more days, give or take.

While your waiting, here is a picture of the main room, I still haven't placed the assets yet, as you can see there is a random chair in the middle of the room. I guess I did put the lights and front desk though.

Anyways, Addios my friends, back to work for me.