Motion Capture Tutorial and Results From Ludum Dare
Kinect Mocap Tutorial

So after a month of working on the tutorial I have finally finished it. I actually had to redo the whole thing because I wasn't happy with the first result. I still think I could have done a better job, especially with the voice recording, but I just had to put my foot down and end it. I had stopped working on all my other projects, which the rest of my life literally is depending on. Oh well, I think the lot of you who are interested in getting a motion capture system will like it. I covered every possible way of doing things as possible, even making little animations to help explain things better. I also briefly dive into the topic of using PlayStation Eyes instead of Kinects as well, but it all depends on your situation. I definitely could not use the eyes at the moment, but maybe when I move or rent a studio.

Watch the tutorial or Download the Animations
Ludum Dare Results

I also forgot to mention after Ludum Dare 38 that you can play my game right here on the site. People seemed to like my game a lot, and I was happy with the results. One thing that bothered me though was the movement for the player, when I was testing the obstacles with just a flat ground the movement was perfect, but when I added all the levels in movement was affected by the uneven ground. If you ever played the original Star Craft when it was still popular, you may have played a custom game type called Bound. Its where you would control a unit, normally a zergling, and you would have to dodge explosions or other Units and get to the end. It was definitely one of my favourite games to play back in the day, and I have been planning on making a bound game in Unity for a while now. I knew if I didn't make one for Ludum Dare, or any game to be honest, I wouldn't be making anything till my current big projects are done, which could be a couple years from now. Well I'm glad I decided to do it, I had lots of fun, it was a good little break from my other stuff, and it felt good to finish something, even if iit is just something little. Anyways if you want to try playing it, you can go here, or take a look at the pictures below.

As of yesterday I began working on my asset packs again, specifically the tools. Before I started working on the tutorial, I got stuck on a problem, so it was back to trying to fix that. I was trying to find a way to deal with Polymorphic Classes and saving their data. I finally figured out a way that I was happy with, that didn't need too much extra work at all. There doesn't seem to be any solutions to it online, so I'll probably make a tutorial on that as well. I noticed that tons of people have been having problems with this for a very long time now, and there has been a request for Unity to fix this all the way back in 2012 with no action taken yet. There is ways for you to do this, but most of them are using a JSON, XML, or creating a Scriptable Object for every item in the list, which depending on what your doing, can be tons of files making a mess of your project.

Also yesterday, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded from zBrush Core to full version. If you watch the new tutorial, you may be wondering where the girl in the header is. I had made that girl character specifically for the tutorial using zBrush Core, and didn't realize that there is no "Z Remesher" tool for converting your model to low poly. It was the first Character I've ever made, and first time I've ever tried to be serious in zBrush, so I found out why the Core version won't cut it for game asset creation. I ended up using 3ds max with the "Pro Optimizer" tool to make her low poly, but the topology is just a mess after that, which can be ok if your model doesn't have bones and needs to move or bend, but for characters, its just a fugly mess. You also might think 20 million polygons is enough to make a character, I sure did before. But once you make a character, by the time you get to making the legs and arms, all the detail on the face gets lost every time you Dynamesh, not only that the toes you create end up looking like soggy bread buns that are stuck together, and you realize no matter what you do, this character will always just be "meh." So I decided to cut her from the tutorial, even though the model actually turned out fairly nice, she just didn't bend right.

Well its time to say good bye, at least for now, I promise to try to be more active, when you spend a month doing one thing there just isn't really a lot to talk about. I realised I need to start updating the images page more as well, I'm actually kind of embarrassed of a lot of the pictures there. A little word of advice that I need to take, don't rush things just for the sake of filling up an empty space. Wait until there is something worth sharing or else it could have a bad result, by scaring people away instead of keeping them from getting bored. It can be hard to do though when most of the stuff you are currently working doesn't really have visual aspects to it, like code for example, and you just want that empty page to not be, well, empty. There is pictures of the tutorial below, as well as my Ludum Dare game, I was going to post pictures of the tools as well, but I don't wanna break that rule again. Its almost done, so I just need to be patient, maybe next week.