Mid-Week Wednesday #4: Bow Foe

Well I had to take a little break from working on VPT, and to be honest I was too tired and didn't want to screw up any of the code. When I was setting up the example scene I noticed a couple pretty bad bug when doing a certain thing and I was just too tired that day to fix anything. But since you don't want to hear about how I keep waking up at 5am I won't bore you with that. No I'm not quitting, I will be back to work on it again tomorrow. I just needed a day or 2, in the last 6 months I've only taken maybe 5 days off for some me time, hopefully that will show in VPT once its ready to get out of beta.

There has been a little game I've wanted to make for a while now, kind of same situation I had with the bound game, I wanted to make it but didn't want to break away from working on my main projects, so with Bound I used a game jam for an excuse. So yesterday, I decided to take a break from VPT and work on this new game idea, and its certainly not new, I used to play a very similar one on addictinggames.com when I was a kid. If you want to try theirs I will leave a link down below. Maybe I'm getting a little too ahead of myself, so when I was working on the website with the new News and Downloads format, which still isn't done by the way. I realized that the games section was quite lacking, with there only being a few from when I was a kid, and then a half done Game Jam game, so I thought as soon as I get the example scene out I will make a game or two to fill the void. So now we are back to Tuesday, and I had finished the basic workings of the game. You have a dude, who stands in place, you use your mouse to draw a line which controls angle and power, when you release it shoots an arrow, and hopefully you hit your opponent. I got to finish all the shooting mechanics, as well as the hit detection and health. I kind of stopped half way through coding the turns, but next day I work on it, it will be no problem at all to finish. I am going to make some new game modes, some where you can actually move around, and then I need to make an AI and a multiplayer system which is both online and offline. Then of course the only thing left is the UI and graphics. 

Graphics are for Prototype ONLY!

So here's a link to the addicting games version, its actually pretty fun for such a simple design, and last and maybe the least is a screenshot of what's done. Excuse the ugliness.