Mid-Week Wednesday #3

Not a lot to talk about this week either, while the work has been steady, its just been very boring and repetitive. When I first made the assets for the example scene, I textured them in substance painter, and decided to do the designer work later. That kind of put me in the position to where I'm waiting on myself to remake everything in designer before I can really do anything else. So for the last month, or more actually, ever since I released Variation Pro-Tools I've been spending 8 hours a day remaking all these textures into substances. I have to say its really been getting to me. Normally working on game stuff is great, its fun and exciting when you get to test new stuff out all the time, and have to figure out how your actually going to do it. But everything recently I already know what I'm going to be doing all day, and its just 8 hours a day of placing the same nodes, then renaming their Labels/Groups, changing their requirements to be visible and then importing that into the UBER substance, I hate it... Another thing that sucks is when you get a good idea after you've finished a bunch of stuff, so you have to go back and add it in to everything you've already finished. Meh.

So other then that, I've just been working on the website, which you might notice a few small changes here and there, the big ones aren't visible to you guys yet, unless you get the link. So if you want to preview some of it, here is the new News format, and here is the new Recommendations as well. The New news is actually fully finished, all I need to do is remake thumbnails so they size properly on the home page and that's it. Most of the recommendations still need to be recreated, which Is what I'm going to be doing right after I finish this post. Every day I finish one Substance, maybe fix a couple things I noticed in the old ones, and then do a bit of work on the site, really not much to talk about or show you guys. I wish I could afford to hire staff for the website, some day...

So that's it my friends, sorry to bore you. I have a render of the substance I created today, just in its default form. Its just a Door Step, very boring as well.

Alright boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, Addios!