Mid-Week Wednesday #2

Its that time of the week again. That time where I'm supposed to tell you what I've been working on this week. I wish I could say I've been getting a shit load done, but in fact this is the only week in the last year that I've barely done anything. I have been working 7 days a week, for the last year, haven't hung out with my friends, probably lost a few in the mean time. Cause its really been some mean time. One friend was staying on my couch during this year, all he did was crack beers and smoke doobs which I humbly do not partake in anymore. Lets just say that its just really hard to get your work done when you hear that can opening behind you and he hasn't left the house in a week or even showered. Well, ya kind of freak the fuck out and talk some mad shit about how they aren't doing fuck all with their life, which they then leave, never come back and block you from face book and don't talk to you for who knows how much longer. Oh well. And no Jared I'm not talking about you. 

So maybe I should at least tell you about the couple things I actually did do. I managed to finish 1 substance since the last update, maybe 2 but don't hold me to that. I did also actually get quite a bit of work on the website done as well. If you look in the download section there is now the Game Assets section, which I think I might have already mentioned, and then there is also the new news format which is kind of hidden right now, but you can get to it. I'm just not ready to officially swap it out yet, but if you wanna check it out, here's a link. Once I finish updating the recommendations pages to the new format as well as the Download section then I will officially make the change. While I did think the current state of the site looked pretty good, it still looked pretty messy, so I'm hoping to fix that within the next couple weeks, or maybe a month tops.

If you care at all, my wrist is better, but my head is still a little shaken up from the crash. Every time I bail and give my head a little smack on the dirt I feel pretty shitty for what seems like an eternity, I stop exercising, bathing, eating well and working in a fast organized manner. I don't necessarily stop, but my schedule definitely gets a little messed up. Sure makes you realize how one little thing could change your life for the worse, and that we are pretty fragile beings.

Anyways, I say anyways too much. But before I go I want to show you a pic of the Substance I finished today. Also, there is only 4 more left to do, and no matter how I feel tomorrow I will force myself to finish 1 a day like I originally had planned.

When divorces go wrong.

So the only thing new in this picture is the divorce papers, there is actually 15 different pages to choose from, all with "funny" context. And before you laugh at me for only being able to complete that in 3 or 4 days, there is more. You can actually swap out each of the 15 spots for custom pages. Which automatically puts them on an atlas. There is 16 spots on the atlas, 15 of which can be pages, with the 16th being the blank backs. Now with these 15 pages you can also choose a cut-out design specifically for each page, with there been 12 different cut out designs. You can see this bellow, where there is holes and tears on the sides of the page. 

Not really great for on a desk, but good for a city or an office in the apocalypse. But I guess they aren't really dirty enough for that, are they? And I guess if it was snowing or raining outside it would look kind of funny also. Oh shit! You can actually add all those things, from moisture damage to dirt and dust, to snow, water and extra blood! When I say extra blood I mean extra, those pics just have decals in them I was too lazy to move the blood slider.

Tronald Dump