Mid-Week Wednesday #1

Hey hey, I think its time to try something new. So I have built a little schedule for the website, and actually one for my life as well. Since there is so many things that need to be done, I want to make sure I keep a good balance between them all. 

If you have read the last update you may have caught that I have started to learn how to write shaders, what I didn't mention is that I'm also trying to learn how to Draw/Paint, and Sculpt as well. While I am pretty good in some areas, these are they ones I am definitely lacking. While we are on the subject, I am also thinking about switching to Blender, I have been watching Blender Guru on YouTube recently and have noticed how much Blender has advanced, its really quite amazing. Now I haven't actually opened Blender yet, but I did budge a little bit and actually download it, so I may be making the switch very soon, its scary! Haha. One of the big reasons is that it will help me reach a lot of the newbies to game development for future tutorials, cause I think its safe to say that not a lot of people watching tutorials have 3ds max.

Anyways, today I want to talk about the schedule. If you look at the header, you can see its called "Mid-Week Wednesday," every Wednesday I will be releasing an update of what I have done in the beginning of the week, and what I am currently working on. I'm going to start doing this every Wednesday, so there won't be huge gaps in the News posts. 

On Friday, I will be doing something called "Freebie Friday" where I release 1 free asset each Friday. Currently anyone can download the free stuff without making an account, but that is soon to change, so just a warning. 

The next thing on the schedule is Sunday, can you guess what that is? It is.... "Screen Shot Sunday!" So I'm sure you can guess what that means, every Sunday I will release a screenshot, or render of something I've been working on the past week, and I will put my best effort in to make it relevant to what ever I mention on MWW(Mid-Week Wednesday). 

So now we are on Monday, which will be "Recommendation Monday." If you haven't checked out the "Our Recommendations" side of the site, we post tutorials, tools, software and products that we think are pretty darn cool. I have kind of been posting them as I find them, but I also have a To-Do list of things to post which I just haven't got to. So I thought putting this on a weekly schedule would help me get on my ass, and update the fucker.

Its time for our last day on the schedule, which is Tuesday, and this isn't really set in stone yet, but its either going to be "Time-lapse Tuesday," or "Tutorial Tuesday." I may do either or, mostly depending on what I have time for. As I'm sure you know, there is tons of Speed-Art on YouTube which I don't really know how I feel about this, I kind of did one for the last Ludum Dare that I did, but to be honest I really don't want my channel to become over-crowded with these kinds of videos. Once I get Variation Pro-Tools out of the Beta stage I will definitely be pumping out more tutorials, and believe me, my list just keeps growing for tutorial ideas. Anyways I'm kind of losing track from what I was talking about, I will probably move towards Tutorial Tuesday, and may not even do a Time-lapse, and it most likely will be bi-montly on the first and third Tuesday of each month. For now I just may post a gif or something.

So now its time to get back to work, if you guys have any ideas for Thursday I'm all ears, just post a comment or something. Just kidding, theres no comments yet. Actually before I go I will give you an update on VPT, in the last update I showed you guys a list of assets I needed to finish UBERizing, and so I'll give you an update on those. I had actually forgotten a few so if I seem behind my one a day I will assure you I'm not, I even finished a few yesterday. So here it is.

1. Office Papers

2. Door Metal

3. Door Glass

4. Vending Machine

5. Train Schedule Sign

6. Ceiling Beams

7. Office Window Frames

As you can see I don't have much to go, it will probably be 7 days before I am starting to put the scene together, and there is one more asset I want to make which is a door frame, the one I am currently using is the Jail's door frames which have extra smooth edges to stop people from getting their head split open.

Every update I always seem to forget something, which is Saturday, I didn't have anything planned but I literally just thought of maybe doing a Saturday Stream. We will see. I would also like to remind all fellow game devs, and actually anyone really, to remember to add exercise into their schedule, I really don't want to get on your back but I think this is really really important, I know how hard it is to find time to exercise but you have to trust me on this one, if you set only a couple hours for a few days a week to get out and do something, you will feel so much better and actually get way more done while you work! It doesn't have to be boring either, go ride a bike! Its actually really good for the wrists as well, when they really start to hurt I go for a good ride and they feel as good as new!

Addison out!