Mid-Week Quickie #6

Hey Guys and Gals.

Just a short update this week, I'm getting prepared to truly release VPT.

I've been doing some major changes so I'm really just trying to get those working as smoothly as possible, good so far, its just taking longer then expected. But that's mostly due to distractions around here, and not actually any problems while working, I should be done by tomorrow, but who knows if more things will arise. I really have a bad habit of getting more ideas while I'm finishing what ever. Then I can start making things pretty, and start building the Wiki/Tutorial/Info pages for all the tools. Once that happens Mid-Week Wednesday should be flourishing with updates. Its just really hard to explain everything in one update, and I'd rather be able to reference you to something instead of going over it every time. not that I have, but that's what's been holding these updates back. 

Other then that I decided I won't be releasing the Example Scene on next release, how ever I will be releasing it with the assets and prefabs, I want to put more work in the building itself cause half an hour in 3ds max does not really do the pack justice. I knew exactly what I wanted to do but knew that would take much longer then what I did, I think in the end it will be a good idea to go the full mile though. So thats what I'm going to do.

All I know is that when I purchase assets from the store and their example scenes are garbage, it makes me sub-consciously think the rest is garbage, even though I paid for code and not a scene.

Bad assets make good code look bad.

I also plan on making a new Logo soon, not only for VPT, but for LittleRainGames as well. I've never been a 2d person myself, but I just got Illustrator today so when I'm done coding I'll fiddle around with that. I started something an hour ago and I kind of like where its going, kind of a raindrop mixed with the Mask of Truth from Zelda on the 64. If I can't make something that hits the style I'm aiming for, I may hire someone, so if any of you are good at making Logos, I'll leave a contact form for you guys in one of the next updates. Just give me a link to your Portfolio, just so I can get a sense of your art style. We can negotiate a price.

I actually got Illustrator because I'd like to change all the graphics on the site to an SVG format so over the next few months, and probably longer you may see things slowly change. Even though I use a content creator, which I really don't know what I'd do without it, it still is really hard to find enough time to work on the site.

Addios my friends.