Freebie Friday #6: G36c

You might be wondering where I was last Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. I didn't post a screenshot, a recommendation or a mid-week update of what I was doing. Well the thing is when you get drunk and naked in public most of the time you get arrested. Luckily I was just taking it easy at home. Now Halloween, well that's another story. Nah, I took it easy this year as well, worked all day and night coding to be honest. So where was I? I was literally 5 feet away from my computer playing Zelda: Majora's mask for the last week, after taking care of Little Rain (Little Rain is a dog for any new comers) I was just burnt to shit, she's part Husky German Shepard and that means she's full of fucking energy. Every day I got out for a few hour hikes, and then when I was home I was trying to work but she does not stop pestering you to go outside. So Monday my parents finally got home from vacation, so I drove Rain to their place and just had to relax. So that's why I wasn't around.

Well its another Freebie Friday, and today I kind of wanted to bring you something complete. Every week I try to bring a new category in, or at least from a different category then the last couple weeks so I thought it was time to give you a fully textured and animated gun. Unfortunately its kind of some old rehashed shit. Its the G36c back from Overdose, which I actually never included in the Overdose section of the downloads. At the time I didn't know if I was going to use it or not, the model is actually not too bad, a little low poly for first person but that could easily be fixed. Its the textures where it really fails, I was still learning the PBR pipeline at the time, and had never even heard about Substance Painter. So all I had to use was good ol' Photoshop, but the real reason it didn't do so well is because I also had no idea that you could bake curvature, world normal, AO and position maps at the time. Included in the download is a silencer attachment and also some FP arms. You can tell I was getting a little better at texturing in Photoshop if you look at the silencer, I also have more attachments that go with the gun, and I apologize but I'm saving them for another Freebie Friday. What I can assure you is they look much nicer then everything here, and are really when I started getting the PBR workflow down.

There is more then 40 animations to use, the animator controller is already setup, how ever I did not include any scripts because they are really specific to the system I was using at the time. It was from Society's weapon system which was really quite complex, you could actually load different types of ammo into each clip, 5 bullets could be explosive, and the next couple could be normal. There is probably more animations then you need, stuff like for when your unengaged and not aiming at all, to blocking melees and even throwing your gun. I did include 2 fbx's for the overlay animations, I'm not sure which one is the good one. I don't think I ever perfected the overlays so your going to have to fiddle with it. I remember trying a few different ways but all of them felt a bit weird.

If you don't have Substance Painter or Designer, but have photoshop, I've put a tutorial on my todo list for texturing a gun with Photoshop, I'll included baking in 3ds Max as well as Blender and I promise you it won't look like this. Of course its a while down the road, but thought I might as well mention it now.

G36c with Silencer and FP Arms
Quick Update

So since I missed Mid-Week Wednesday I'll briefly give you an update.

I've been working lots on the code, changing stuff, adding stuff, fixing stuff, but also cleaning up a bit and adding comments in case other programmers want to add some features of their own. Ahh lets see, I've done so much but its hard to explain quickly, without explaining the full features themselves. Maybe I should wait, all I can say is that it won't be much longer till the next update. Maybe a couple weeks, there's a couple big things I want to add before I start building the prefabs for the example scene, and once I do that it wont even take a day to finish the scene. I did actually want to remake the station, the outer bits just seem so bland, especially without an environment surrounding them. It wouldn't matter to much cause I still can show off a lot of the features with the inside assets, but the grouping features really depend on having more then 1 type of area to well, group stuff. Yes you know what, I can't explain it quick enough, sorry. Next week I will be prepared to explain at least a chunk of it all.

Alright my friends that's it for today, hope you all had a good Halloween!