Freebie Friday #5: Money

Well time seems to just be flying by. It feels like its only been I week since I started the new schedule but we are already on week 5! Seriously, where does the time go?

There's only a few days left until Little Rain goes home, I should be back on track once that day comes. She is one dog who is fucking full of energy and does not like being in the house one bit. It is kind of good though cause I hadn't really left my seat in over a month with all the rain. Like rain rain, weather rain, not Little Rain.

So Freebie Friday eh? I'm giving away some free money today! Sadly its only virtual money, like literally virtual 3d bills and stacks. There is 14 different models to choose from ranging from single notes to stacks and piles. I quickly made up a few particle systems just for fun and threw them in as well. There is currently only twenties and hundreds, which have Barrack Obama and Rosa Park on them, I think its Rosa Park I'm not sure. I really actually wanted to have Yoda on the bills but I ran into a funny little issue with Photoshop. Apparently Photoshop will not let you edit money in the program, if you select it with a marquee tool it gives you this message saying you're not allowed to do that. If you don't believe me you can try this one at home, or even just google "Cant Edit Money In Photoshop". It just find it a little funny how I couldn't use Yoda but I could use Obama.

Just want to let any new comers that you will not receive any emails from us if you sign up, I am planning on starting a news letter but it will not be linked to your account and you will have to sign up for it yourself.

Free Money