Freebie Friday #3: Crossbow

Welcome to the third official give away my stuff day. 

Since the blood wasn't really much of a freebie last week, I wanted to step it up a notch, and I meant just a notch. Here is the second, maybe third model I've ever painted in substance designer. I will admit its not the greatest, but its not the worst either. Its just kind of lacking... Style.

Since it doesn't really have a style, other then maybe kind of modern, I wasn't going to use it in Society, and even though I have some future Weapon Packs planned, I don't think it will fit in. And the weapon packs are fairly far into the future, Variation Pro-Tools is my main concern right now, and still before the weapons I have other tools I want and need to make so I can start working on Society again.

Here is the link to the Crossbow. You will need an account to download. Sorry! I do NOT send any mail out to the accounts, so you won't have to worry about your inbox getting spammed. I honestly hate all the mail I get when I register to a site, it drives me nuts!

You can still download the freebies from the last 2 weeks as well, to view those just go to /Downloads/Free Game Assets. The site is still under construction, so its going to look a little messy, and also some features may not work, like the search bar but I'm slowly getting to everything.