Freebie Friday #2: Blood Decals

Hey everybody, real quick one for today. For todays freebie I decided to give you some blood decals, nothing special really, sorry!

There is 2 ways you can use it, either with a sprite, or with the 4 Quad models I provided which UV's just take up a corner. There isn't really too much to say about it, it will be in the example scene for ALV, but I do plan on making quite a few more for then.

Quick little notice about ALV, I have done a substance a day as planned, but I found a few more that are basically 2 materials for 1 object. So there is only maybe 3 or 4 left to do. I want to say we are a week away from the next release, which will include the example scene. Then after that I'm going to start working on tutorials and videos that showcase what it actually does, plus I will update its store page and such.

Ok well that's it for today, told you it was gunna be a shortie. I say well a lot dont I?

I guess it wouldn't be a LittleRainGames update if I didn't forget something! Here's a link to the download!