Freebie Friday #1: Metal Hatchet

First of all, the head comes on the axe, just did not want to edit the model, export, and reimport back into substance painter, just a little lazy, sorry!

Hey everyone! Welcome to our first official Freebie Friday. Today is a sad day, not only am I using a game asset that I was planning to use in Society, but it was also the first asset I ever textured in Substance Painter. That's not true actually, it was an Axe, that used the same model just with a shrunken handle. 

I have to say todays been a pretty crummy day actually, on Wednesday at the end of the first official Mid-Week Wednesday, I told ya'll to get some exercise and to go ride a bike or something. So yesterday, I took my own advice, had a seemingly small bail, but after I got home and started to play a little bit of Ark, it started to brutally swell up, and started to cause excruciating pain. It was so bad I couldn't put on a shirt, I had to drive to my dads house at 1 am to get some Ibuprofen just so I could sleep. Today I decided to take it easy cause it is still pretty painful, so I didn't end up getting any work done except for some small changes to the website. 

In the downloads section, what used to be the Free Assets page, is now the Fossils page. Everything that's been made in the past year, and in the future that is released for free, will be now posted in the Game Assets page, and you will need to be registered to download anything there. I still have some old stuff I have meant to post, like the FP animations for all the Overdose weapons, as well as the Goldeneye Stuff, I'm sorry I will get around to it. There is a CASH reward for anyone who can find out how to Download things without being signed in, as well as from the store without purchasing. I'll give you $10 for the non registered, and $30 for the store purchases. It will only be valid if its a real reason, and not just me forgetting to edit permissions, but if you notify me, I will throw you either $5, or a discount code to be used on any products you wish.

Now I have actually been building up to something, losing the originality of my first asset, and spraining my wrist is wet socks compared to this. A really good friend of mine has passed away this last week, I just found out about an hour ago and I miss him already. I wasn't going to include him in this little update but I changed my mind and thought he deserves it. Last week I was deleting pictures from my facebook, one was a picture of a snowman I made with my girlfriend, it was an angry snowman puking and spreading his butt cheeks with shit coming out his ass, actually really stupid, but he had commented that I should have made a snow dick instead. It may seem silly to care about a little comment but it was the last time I had ever heard from him, he was always on the go, constantly moving from coast to coast and never really stayed in one place, so the time spent with him really mattered. I was actually thinking about him the other day, was going to see when he was coming back here so we could go play some pool, and I'm the kind of person who thinking we are all connected in some special way. So my point is, when I happened to randomly think about him the other day, maybe thats the moment he passed on. I don't know, its just something to think about. Anyways just wanted to say I love you Ananda, you will truly be missed. 

Ok I guess its time to get to the Freebie, the reason this whole post is happening today, and as I said earlier its a Hatchet. Its basically the first model I have ever textured in Substance Painter and was going to be used in Society, its really not a bad model but its not the greatest either. Its an axe, what can I say. As you can see the head is kind of popping off in the pictures, and I want to assure you that's not what you get when you download it, I just often paint stuff in painter where the pieces are separated or else you can get baking issues. So here is the link to the page, and if you didn't know, you can always click the header image and it will take you to what ever the post is mainly about.

So that concludes our first annual Freebie Friday, I wish you all the best. Don't go out and die on us!

Addios everyone, especially you Ananda..