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Meet my game, I call it Bound. This is actually my first Ludum Dare/Compo/Game Jam/Live Stream I've ever done. I am quite happy with the results, although I wish I had a bit moretime to fix a few things, but I think everyone says that after a game jam. I had made some sounds that I didn't get the chance to program, so I just put a song I made in instead, and quickly made a toggle and volume control for it. I didn't get to fix the players rotation when he moves, but its aminor. Then I had an intro cut scene that I had planned and an ending to go along with it, again minor. I also wanted to make a cool shader for the bridges, and there was a few other things as well. The sky was the last thing I got to make before I had to upload it, and I think the whole box look to it actually suits the game.

First Level

You can either play it in your browser, or download it if you'd like. The UI was only made for wide screens, so if you are on a square screen, and maybe a small wide screen, you may have some issues. That is another thing I didn't have time to fix.

Death Star

While I was building the obstacles, I was using a flat plane, and didn't test it untill the very end, which was after I added the planets. So unfortunately the movement can be a pain in the ass.

Rollie Pollie

So you want to know where I got the idea from? No? Well too bad, when I was a kid I used to play games like these in StarCraft all the time. They had a whole whack of em. I can even remember my very first game, it was called Sponge Bob bound, I just though it was so brilliant how they turned a real time strategy, into an obstacle course, and so I ended up making a few myself. I even made one for Halo Custom Edition back in my modding days, if you have Halo PC, you can download it on this very site, and if you really want to, I have the StarCraft counterpart for download as well. Its the exact same map as the Halo one,. links will be somewhere on this page. If you want more StarCraft ones feel free to leave me a comment, I have more on a hard drive somewhere, mine and others like Sponge Bob Bound and such.

The End

I do plan on releasing a new version in the future, untill then this will have to do .

Anyways thats about it, enjoy!