Product Info

A Variety of Money Models

Single notes, stacks, piles, and particle systems.

20's and 100's only. With Barrack Obama on the 100's and Rosa Park on the 20's. 

14 different models and 3 Particle Systems, check back in for a tutorial on how I made these.

Vertex Animated Simulations with Shader Coming Soon.

Cash Register Not Included

Author Notes

To be honest , Barrack and Rosa were the only bills Photoshop would let me edit, trust me, I really wanted to use the Yoda bill.

The constant particle system would be good for money falling from the sky, kind of like the movies. The Short Burst would be good for a high speed chase where its coming out a bag and out the window. And the ATM is good for a malfunctioning ATM.

Since its limited to 20's and 100's I gotta give it 3 stars, there is also just one side on each texture.

Technical Specifications

Models Vertices Faces Textures Resolution Particle Systems
Hundred 4 2 Albedo Only 1024 by 1024 Constant Emitter
Hundred 2 Sided 4 4 Short Burst
Pile A 2304 1152 Spitting ATM
Pile B 2304 1152
Pile C 2496 1360
Pile D 2732 2262
Pile E 3756 3670
Scatter A 44 22
Scatter B 96 48
Scatter C 632 316
Twenty 4 2
Twenty 2 Sided 4 4
Stack Hundred 24 26
Stack Twenty 24 26