Metal Hatchet

Product Info

Simply a Metal Hatchet

The head does come on the handle.

PBR Textures mapped for Unity and Unreal.

Model only, its big brother the aze does have animations, check back on another friday for him.

Author Notes

Was going to be used in our upcoming gameSociety, but I decided to give it away for LittleRainGames' first offical Freebie Friday.

The head is off in the previews because thats how I painted it in SP. Sorry was just a little lazy when getting the images, does not actually come this way.

I give it 3 stars.

Little History : Was the first thing I ever textured in Substance Painter.

Technical Specifications

Models Vertices Faces Textures Resolution Animation
View Model (FP) 1814 3624 PBR Set 2048 x 2048 None
World Model (3P) 181 358