Product Info

Fully textured and animated G36c, with silencer and rigged FP Arms.

Over 40 animations anything from Idle, to walking and sprinting, shooting reloading and melees, and even inactive idles, as well as iron sights, scopes, blocking, cocking, unengaged and overlays.

Author Notes

I don't remember ever getting the Overlays working properly with this one, so you might have to fiddle with it. Also the gun controller scripts are not included, but there is an animator controller thats setup and ready for your scripts.

I didn't really want to give this away, because its really not that great.

Little history lesson, this was actually used in Overdose way back in 03, but was never actually finished. When I first started using Unity this was the first gun I brought into the engine to fool around with.

All the textures were made in Photoshop and then "baked" with crazy bump.

I generously give it 3 stars, but I'll let you decide.

Technical Specifications

Models Vertices Faces Textures (PBR) Resolution Animation 60fps
View Model (FP) 3881 7062 G36c 2048 x 2048 40+
G36c Grunge 2048 x 2048 Idles/Bored
G36c Extra 512 x 512 Walking/Sprinting
FP Arms 2468 4894 FP Arms 2048 x 2048 Firing/Reloading
Silencer 240 476 Silencer 1024 x 1024 Melees/Bayonette
Picatinny Base 1024 x 512 Iron Sights/Scopes
Picatinny Rail 1024 x 1024 Unengaged