Welcome to LittleRainGames

The new website is still in its very early stages, many of the links may go no where. You may notice some pages have a different navigation bar at the top, those are plain HTML pages, where ones like these are ASP.net pages. Please give us time to get things in order, there is only one person working on this. The regular posting schedule will be back soon. Thank you.

Welcome To Little Rain Games

If you're new here, this is what we have to offer. Enjoy!


Keep up to date with what we are working on, and whats the future holds.

Game Assets

Are you a budding game developer?

We have a variety of assets that are growing all the time.

Unity Editor Tools

Working in Unity?

We create Editor Tools to make our life, and your life easier.


Its right in the name, we are here to make games.


Want to learn how to make games, or maybe just some new skills?


Whether its a well made video, an informative tutorial, or some amazing software, we want to share our findings with you.

Latest Announcements

Get the latest updates and info about recent and upoming content.

Mid-Week Quickie #6

Quick update about the next VPT release and possible a new Logo.

Freebie Friday #5: Money

Fat stacks. What I want, but don't have.

Freebie Friday #6: G36c

This week I'm giving away one of my old gun models, with newish textures and animations. Oh ya, there's also a new silencer and some first person arms.